NL5 Circuit Simulator
NL5 Circuit Simulator
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NL5 DLL Icon
NL5 DLL beta (004) is available for download.

  -  full-functional high performance NL5 simulation engine
  -  simple and intuitive API functions
  -  SystemVerilog DPI support

  • Version 2.4 build 2 has been released.
  • APEC-2018 Exhibitor Seminar.
  • We are happy to offer new License types for Companies. The purpose of new Licenses is to simplify NL5 distribution and support across the Company, increase efficiency of product development, analysis, and verification.

A Word From the Author

Welcome to the NL5 Circuit Simulator website!

There are plenty of circuit simulators available on the market. Just read their ads: high performance, extremely fast, industry-standard (i.e. SPICE), easy to use, highly intuitive… Wow, sounds so good! Too good to be true, though.

Well, I'd be surprised to read anything different in advertising. I've written the same about NL5. Of course, it is easy to use, intuitive, and extremely fast: otherwise I would not use it myself for more than 20 years.

Don't trust ads much (don't trust me either ). If you want to see if a tool is worth using, try it yourself. That's what many NL5 users already did. I hope they will share their encouraging stories soon.

A few words about what should you expect from NL5. It is not one more SPICE (and not even close), nor is it a SPICE replacement. For some tasks NL5 is far superior, for others simply good, and some tasks are not for NL5 at all. Just use the right tool for right task.

I'll be glad if NL5 works for you. If you think it doesn't, don't hesitate to contact us or drop a post on the NL5 forum external link: NL5 is quite capable and versatile, and it still surprises me. Might surprise you too!

Good luck!

Alexei Smirnov.


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