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Network License

Provides full functionality on an unlimited number of PCs connected to the License Server through the network. License Server is a computer running NL5 License Server application in Windows OS, and has an NL5 Network License issued for that computer.

The license is tied to specific PC hardware information of the server computer: the PC fingerprint. When NL5 starts on a client PC, it requests license information from the server. If server has a valid Network License, the NL5 on the client PC is started in full-function mode.

Please be aware that some changes in server PC hardware, as well as upgrading/reinstalling operating system of the server, may change the “PC fingerprint”, and thus invalidate the license. In this case, the license may be reissued or transferred to another server PC at extra charge.

NL5 License Server application and instructions on setup and configuration can be obtained here.

Please note that a standard Network License is Windows application, not a Service. However, Network License Service application NL5LicenseService.exe is available upon request as an extra feature.

To order a Network License, fill out the form below. All fields except "Company" are required. The PC fingerprint code can be obtained on the License page of NL5 License Server application, or from NL5 application running on the server computer. License file nl5.nll will be sent to the provided email address within 24 hours. Place the license file on the server computer, in the same directory as NL5LicenseServer.exe.

It is strongly recommended to obtain a trial network license first, to make sure that it complies with IT requirements and local network configuration. Order trial network license here and mention "network license" in the "Licensed to" field. Contact us to obtain a FREE network license for educational institutions.

By proceeding to checkout I confirm that I have read and understood the description of the License and I agree with the NL5 End User License Agreement and the License terms and conditions described therein.

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