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Release Notes

Version 2.4
Released on January 23, 2018
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  • New model for most of logical components: "Delay2". Separate up/down delay.
  • Ctrl-Right/Left, Shift-Right/Left, Ctrl-Shift-Right/Left: move selected cursor with different resolution.
  • Use Enter or double-click to place a new component.
  • "OpAmp" model "IC" parameter cannot be blank.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.3
Released on June 6, 2017

  • Notification when entering label name.
  • "Save IC" adjusts "delay" parameter if current t > "delay".
  • Format component attributes for multiple selected components.
  • New FET model "FET-D": FET with body diode.
  • Transient/Data window: new page "Cursors" (instead of "Cursors" window).
  • AC/Data window: new page "Cursors" (instead of "Cursors" window).
  • Transient/Data window, Traces page: "Lines"/"Data points" selection for analog traces.
  • Transient/Data window, Table page: "integral" trace parameter added.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.2
Released on April 21, 2016

  • New trace type: Math (post-processing).
  • All traces can be renamed.
  • Transient/Data window, Traces page: "Reset scale" button for individual trace.
  • Transient/Data window: No Apply needed for most of settings.
  • New script commands: cmd, scope.image.
  • Import traces: "Skip columns" option.
  • Import LeCroy traces from TRC data files.
  • Improved DLL Project build log.
  • Annotations are displayed on XY and Eye diagrams, Nyquist/Nichols plots, and Smith chart.
  • Division is done in double format everywhere except C-code and script.
  • Some LeCroy oscilloscope support.
  • Bus component, new models: Function, Linear.
  • Trace color can be changed for all selected traces at once.
  • Digital trace parameter: Threshold.
  • Bus trace parameter: Fixed point (quantity of fractional bits).
  • Bus trace number format: Decimal (always signed).
  • Digital and Bus traces are always located on the top of the list.
  • File/Preferences, Trace tab: background color for Analog/Digital/Bus traces.
  • File/Preferences, Table tab: background color for Bin/Octal/Hex format.
  • Warning message when DLL is attached, and a new DLL has been built.
  • Schematic window: "Component" pop-up menu.
  • New component encryption functionality.
  • Component/Format/Attributes: display value, formula, or "formula=value".
  • Smith Chart: mouse wheel zooming is done relative to the mouse pointer position.
  • Preferences, Digital/Bus tab: display prefix for binary, octal, and hex numbers.
  • Preferences, Application tab: Library path is used for subcircuits, DLLs, and C-code files.
  • Subcircuit can be modified while transient is paused.
  • New Bus trace format: "Text".
  • DLL temporary files are deleted properly, if DLL is located in subcircuit.
  • Transient data truncation is detected in "AC Sweep" method.
  • AC Import fixed.
  • Scrolling of "Variables" window fixed.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.1
Released on February 1, 2016

  • Scope tool: configure scope, get scope data, program waveform generator (Keysight Technologies, Tektronix).
  • DLL Project tool: create DLL code and build automatically (Microsoft Visual C++).
  • New components: X - NL5 Circuit, C-code, DLL.
  • New components: Y - JK trigger, Logical function, Bus.
  • C-code component, new model: File.
  • Select "dot" position for custom L and W.
  • Open, view, and edit SubCir, File models.
  • "Attachment" for SubCir, File models, C-code, DLL components. Attach file to the schematic.
  • Save component into "NL5 Component" file (encrypted).
  • Transient Preview window.
  • Analog, Digital, and Bus traces.
  • Digital/Bus window.
  • Configurable transient and AC window status bar.
  • Mouse wheel graph zooming is done relative to the mouse pointer position.
  • Improved trace data compression.
  • New trace is calculated and displayed instantaneously as added, if required data exists.
  • Drop-down list of previous scales for each trace.
  • Annotations are not deleted with run data.
  • Select annotation position as a nearest point both in time and amplitude domain.
  • Amplitude histogram: Linear interpolation, Range autoselect features.
  • Format component: show/hide subcircuit labels.
  • Save all images as PNG.
  • Import digital channels from BIN file.
  • "-scope" command line switch.
  • scope.* script commands.
  • And more...

Version 2.0
Released on January 14, 2014

  • 64-bit integer data type: int64.
  • HTTP persistent connection (keep-alive).
  • Many changes in C language:
    • bool, int, double, and complex data types
    • all variables should be explicitly declared
    • new functions: sum, mean, floor, ceil,...(and more)
    • new bitwise and type-casting operators.
  • Many changes in C model of Code component, structure of C-code changed.
  • C-code execution accelerated.
  • Global C-variables of C model can be changed from script or command line.
  • Power operator ^ not supported, use pow() function instead.
  • Function component: new model "Integral".
  • Many improvements made and bugs fixed.

If you are using script or C-code (C model of Code component), please refer to Manual or Help, and modify your code as needed!

Version 1.9
Released on December 12, 2012

  • 3 transient modes are available: Single, Scope, and Continuous.
  • Up to 256 inputs and outputs are allowed for Code component.
  • Code/DLL model: DLL variables (not assigned to pins) can be displayed as traces.
  • Multiple component selection is allowed to add several V/I/P/variable traces at a time.
  • Edit Component dialog box: OK/Cancel buttons are visible if large font is set in OS.
  • Main code of C-code component can be modified during transient.
  • New script command "traces n,n,...": hide/show traces.
  • C-code variables can be displayed as a trace on the graph (e.g. "X1.varname").
  • Tab separated files are accepted for Trace import and "File" model.
  • File/Properties, Save tab: save transient data, AC data, or script into schematic file.
  • "logdata +" script command writes header into a new file.
  • AC/Settings/Method: Z-transform method for switching-mode circuits.
  • AC/Settings/Advanced: formula for Z parameter.
  • To move the attribute of the component, select the component first, then move the attribute.
  • Transient/Save IC: clears VIC for "Label" model of the Label component.
  • Transient/Save IC: modifies "Delay" parameter of appropriate models.
  • Schematic/Tools/Initial Conditions: "Set Delay of labels, sources,... to 0".
  • New script command: return(filename).
  • Fixed operator "?:" for complex numbers.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.8
Released on February 1, 2012

  • File/Save As encrypted: save schematic with password.
  • C-code error message shows code line (with line number) where error occurred.
  • Edit C-code dialog box: "Show line numbers" mode.
  • Limited License is available: unlimited components with limited functionality.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Mouse wheel zooming and scrolling available in all tools.
  • Import traces in ISF 8-bit format (Tektronix).
  • Graphs vertical scrolling fixed.
  • Tools/Optimization: modify parameters while transient is running.
  • Import traces in RAW (LTSpice) binary format.
  • Preferences, Transient page: Suppress flickering if graph updates in less than NNN ms.
  • Frequency markers with slide bar for Smith chart, Nyquist, and Nichols plot.
  • Smith chart: Fit the screen, Reset scale, zoom-in by mouse (left-click and drag).
  • Smith chart: 4 grids available (impedance, admittance, abs+phase, polar).
  • Smith chart: "Show Z and Gamma traces only".
  • New function: gauss(m,d). Normally distributed random number with mean value m and standard deviation d.
  • Improved testing of the total memory used by application (cannot exceed 2GB).
  • File/Save As with data: save schematic with all traces data.
  • Label, I, and V source, "Trace" model: use trace data for voltage or current source.
  • Transient/Data, Traces page, "Shift": shift trace along time axis.
  • Import traces from scope data file in ISF, WFM (Tektronix), and BIN (Agilent) formats.
  • Import Traces, "Skip lines...": select number of lines to skip.
  • Import Traces, "Insert header": insert header line automatically.
  • Transient/Tools/Eye diagram/Settings: use cursors interval as "Interval" for the diagram.

Version 1.7
Released on April 30, 2011

  • FET Switch model fixed.
  • Transient/Tools/DC sweep: calculates DC operating point as a function of component parameter or variable.
  • Transient/Tools/Amplitude histogram: shows the distribution of amplitudes as a histogram.
  • Transient/Save IC function improved.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • "FET" model: parameter "IC" added.
  • "Open schematic" dialog starts in the directory of active document or the first file in the "Most Recently Used" list.
  • If schematic was changed, the word "modified" is shown in the schematic Title Bar.
  • PNP transistor IC fixed.
  • Undo/Redo works for variables.
  • AC/Data, Traces page: "Phase width".
  • Preferences, HTTP Link page: "Show log".
  • HTTP Link: right-click to clear log.
  • HTTP Link: only one command is allowed in the URL request.
  • FFT autoscale fixed.
  • Transient should be paused to edit schematic.
  • Sweep AC source method bugs fixed.
  • Script bugs fixed.
  • In Run Until transient mode, simulation does not stop at the end of the screen.
  • Unity gain circle is shown on the Nyquist diagram.
  • Transient/Tools/Line snapshot: shows V and I distribution inside transmission line.
  • PWL function approximation with automatic intervals to minimize error.

Version 1.6
Released on November 1, 2010

  • New components: O - Voltage and current controlled amplifiers.
  • New model Table: look-up table for Function and Function-2 components.
  • PWL editor improved.
  • New editor with graphs for PWL, List, and Table models.
  • Coupled inductors fixed.
  • Fixed nested "a?b:c" operator.
  • Graphics speed improved (specifically for Win7).
  • Scrolling and toolbars with Zoom In/Out/Auto buttons added to Nyquist/Nichols diagrams.
  • FFT, XY, and Nyquist/Nichols diagrams can be zoomed-in by mouse (left-click and drag).
  • New resistor model "PWL-I" - piece-wise linear resistor with R(I).
  • Toolbars with Zoom In/Out/Auto buttons added to XY diagram, Eye diagram, and Histogram tools.
  • PWL format changed: zero point is required for non-symmetrical characteristic.
  • PWL table editing improved.
  • Bug fixed: transient in "rununtil" mode started from the script.
  • New components: C - Voltage and current controlled capacitors.
  • New components: L - Voltage and current controlled inductors.
  • Custom colors in the "Color" dialog are stored in the preferences.
  • "Sweep AC source" method can be started through HTTP link.
  • Some "Sweep AC source" method bugs fixed.
  • New component: W - Custom transformer, up to 9 windings.
  • SubCir model available for transformers.
  • Fixed MOSFET symbol.
  • "Sweep AC source" method can be used in script and parameter sweep.
  • Start-up configuration wizard for new users.

Version 1.5
Released on April 20, 2010

  • Many minor bugs fixed.
  • Windows Registry is not used for preferences anymore. Preferences are stored in the file "nl5.nlp", in the same directory as "nl5.exe".
  • Preferences, Application page: Beep on errors and messages.
  • Script command "export" has more parameters.
  • New component: L - Custom coupled inductors. Up to 9 windings with arbitrary coupling coefficients.
  • New script command: "rununtil".
  • Max number of FFT points increased to 1 million (1048576).
  • FFT trace option: Points.
  • Preferences, Transient page: Max number of export traces points (applies to export and "tracename" script command).
  • Transient/Data, AC/Data, Screen page: "Show numbers".
  • Transient/Tools/Power: calculates Power Factor and THD.
  • Undo/Redo is available in all schematic cursor modes.
  • Better handling of automatic line-under-component removal.

Version 1.4
Released on January 11, 2010

  • New component: D - bridge rectifier.
  • Preferences, Application page: Subcircuit Library path
  • Bug fixed: formulas and functions are calculated correctly in the subcircuit
  • Bug fixed: automatic step reduction (was present in versions 1.36 and 1.41).

Version 1.3
Released on September 9, 2009

  • New signal types for "VCO" and "CCO" models: Triangle and Sawtooth.
  • Expression is allowed in "PWL" and "File" models of Label, V, and I sources.
  • Expression is allowed in "List" and "File" models of Logic source.
  • New diode model "Soft" - diode with soft reverse recovery.
  • New constants: "Low" - low logical level, "High" - high logical level.
  • New functions: "islow", "ishigh".
  • New component: D - logic, voltage, and current controlled thyristor.
  • New parameter for Code component, C model: IC (Initial Conditions).
  • Function approximation for PWL models.
  • Preferences, HTTP Server page: max. number of log lines.
  • Transient/Settings: "Run until" condition.
  • "-http" switch in NL5 command line starts HTTP server.
  • Correct power calculation of the Subcircuit model.
  • Press F1 in the schematic window to see Help on selected component.
  • ++ and -- operators apply only to local variables!
  • Minor script bugs fixed.

Version 1.2
Released on June 28, 2009

  • "Sweep AC source" method of AC analysis has been improved significantly: less parameters, faster simulation. Please see demo schematics in the Examples/Sweep_AC_Source directory.
  • NL5 License Server 1.0 has been released. Free Network license for educational institutions!
  • Full Undo/Redo functionality, including component parameters change. Preferences/Application: "Clear Undo buffer on schematic save" option.
  • Direct data exchange with external applications (MATLAB, PYTHON) through HTTP link (Tools/HTTP link). See example in the Examples/MATLAB directory.
  • Non-96 dpi monitors support.
  • If Windows Registry is not accessible, NL5 keeps latest preferences in the file ("registry.nlp").
  • Simplified C language is used for script and for a new Code component.
  • Some script commands changed, new commands added: "cursors", "display".
  • New operators: ||, &&, +=, -=, *=, /=, ++, --.
  • New functions: lim, limit, rand, random, par.
  • New components:
    • F – Custom function
    • R – Voltage and current controlled resistor
    • S – Logic controlled switch
    • S – SPDT switch, SPDT logic, voltage, and current controlled switch
    • T – NPN, PNP, N–FET, P–FET transistors
    • W – Transformer and Differential transformer
    • X – Custom block
    • X – Code: write your own component code on C language, or use DLL
    • Y – Custom logic
    • Y – Logic generator
  • Configure size, number and location of pins, pin names of "custom" components (Function, Block, Code, Logic).
  • New models:
    • PWM - voltage/current controlled voltage/current sources.
    • Delay - all logic components
    • File, List - Switch component
  • "Delay" parameter for Comparator model (OpAmps).
  • Several algorithm improvements, including much faster simulation of logical components (compare old and new NL5 versions with Demo file "Examples/Demo/sos.nl5").
  • Vertical splitter in the "Transient/AC Data" window.
  • Cursors interval can be set in the "Cursors" dialog box.
  • Preferences, Legend page: specify max legend width.
  • Preferences, Symbols page: select convenient view of V/I sources and Resistor.
  • Number format: units ("kOhm", "nF", "kHz", etc.) and "dB" suffix are allowed.
  • Transient/AC Data window may always stay open, information in the window is automatically updated.
  • Transient/AC Tools windows are always available (can be open/closed at any time).
  • NL4 files not supported anymore.

Version 1.1
Released on March 9, 2009

  • Demo version is fully functional, except limited number of components in the schematic (20). However, it allows simulating schematics with unlimited number of components created by any licensed NL5 copy. It also allows modifying component parameters, but not editing and saving.
  • All "Open" dialogs have a preview window of schematic files and some types of text files.
  • New components:
    • L - Coupled inductors (see Manual, p.229)
    • R - Potentiometer (p.245).
    • X - Directional coupler (p.280)
  • New model PWL for Label (p.197), Current Source (p.219), and Voltage Source (p.264).
  • AC/Settings: "Frequency" selection (p.139):
    • Interval
    • List (arbitrary frequency points)
  • AC/Data, Traces page: "Phase" display mode (p.147).
  • Transient/Data, AC/Data, Storage page: "Store last Run", same in the Storage context menu. When new simulation starts, current simulation data ("Run") will be moved into storage under the name "Last" (pp.113,158).
  • Help/"Check for updates" command.
  • Script command "cursors" (p.298) - set cursors to specified positions.
  • Improved transient simulation algorithm: infinite pulses are shown as a triangle with correct area (p.93).
  • Show variables as a text on the schematic window (p.53).
  • In addition to 's' variable, 'p', 'w', and 'f' variables are available for AC trace function and F(s) function of some models (see model descriptions).
  • 555 timer subcircuit is available in the Demo files.
  • Some bugs fixed (formula calculation, AC plot, and Markers).
  • Reminder to NL4 users: NL4 schematic files will not be supported in the next revision. Please convert all files you need to NL5 format.

Version 1.0
Released on January 1, 2009

Version 1.0 has finally been released. Without a license, NL5 operates as a Demo version with limited functionality. Order a 30 day free trial license or buy a permanent license here.

  • Context Help is available (F1). The help file nl5.chm is included into download, and should be located in the same directory as nl5.exe.
  • Select Net command selects schematic element with all wires connected to the element either directly, or through labels (including other sheets).
  • Script command "log+" opens existing file for data logging and appends data to the end.
  • In "Separate traces" mode of the Transient graph, traces scales are shown on the graph.
  • Transient/Data, Traces page: "Fit the Screen" button autoscales selected traces.
  • Attention NL4 users: "nl4" schematic files will not be supported in the revision 1.1. Please convert all files you need to "nl5" format.
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