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NL5 Testimonials

Been using NL5 as part of our simulation tools suite since 2014. Impressed with its cost effectiveness and robustness. Its unique capability of embedded C code enable easy verification of digital control algorithms together with analog elements.
— WL Cheng, Edge Electrons Limted
        January 28, 2018


When I need testing, an ideal NL5 simulator is a simple yet powerful lab. I love the ability of changing component parameters in the middle of the transient simulation.
— Moosa Nakhaee
        July 13, 2016


I like this simulation program. I used and tried several simulation programs. My opinion is that NL5 is the best program for simulation of any types of power stages. It is very comfortable to use, results are very precise and received fast. Also the price of this program is very reasonable. If to make comparisons with other programs I really don't understand why engineers and students use some other programs.
— Alexander Isurin, Vanner inc.
        February 16, 2016


NL5 is an appropriate tool for most power electronics simulation. Comparative to SABER it doesn't allow you to choose the solver, this rarely matters. The embedding of simple c-code is more user friendly than SABER or MATLAB simulink, in my opinion. The http link to Python is brilliant for iterative scripting of simulations. And all at an amazing price point. Thank you for this contribution.
— Christopher Rowe, Enphase Energy
        January 27, 2016


NL5 is a circuit simulator that just works. It also has an HTTP interface so you can hook up your scripting language of choice. It is a rare example of a sim program that is both easy to get started on and does not break down when your model starts to get complicated.
— Darrell Taylor, Advanced Energy
        May 11, 2014


Hi, that's me again! Still using it, and I recommend it to everyone who needs such a software. For me it's the best one to simulate analog circuits.
— Meyer Alexandre, student
        February 1, 2014


It's a very nice tool, and I use it to simulate electronics circuits which I create, before to build them.
— Meyer Alexandre, student
        December 12, 2012


I used P-Spice a little, at a former employer, and always frustrated by the difficulties, and never able to publish anything worth while. I bought NL5 at a trade show, a couple of years ago, and what a difference in favor of NL5. For my present client, I have to compute worst case dissipations. It is much easier to simulate, than calculate in MathCad. I am introducing a new Topology, a forward converter, without a clock, and with only one magnetic element. I will simulate it before I breadboard it, in NL5 of course.
— Newt Ball, Orbic Energy Conversion
        February 13, 2012


Finally! A circuit simulator with a plotting tool that doesn't make you want to export the data and use another tool!
— John
        September 26, 2011


Being a Ph.D. student, I am interested in the theoretical background of the NL5, since this is the key for right results. Although the NL5 is a commercial product, the author explains how the simulator is built and even points out the situations where potential troubles can appear. My questions about the simulator core were always answered in details as much as possible. Testing the NL5, I tried to simulate some non-standard switching circuits, for example the power gyrator. In contrast to the SPICE based simulators, the NL5 was not only able to cope with these circuits, but also arrived at the right results in extremely short time.
— Alexander Kushnerov, M.Sc., Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
        June 12, 2010


As a power electronics engineer, I have found NL5 to be a highly-versatile product that allows me to focus more time on product development activities and less time on solving SPICE simulation convergence problems. I believe that NL5 is the ultimate tool for anyone who is involved in power electronics design and development activity. The cursor data table measure mode and powerful C-language scripting interface have been very useful in saving me countless hours of work.
— Ken Finley, Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
        January 12, 2010


I have been using NL since 2002. Right from the beginning NL was a fast, stable and simple tool. Further significant modifications for expanding possibilities of NL, increasing accuracy and improving interface did not deteriorate the speed and stability. Furthermore, as users preferred, some additional options in modeling were incorporated into NL. Currently, NL is my best tool for transient analysis and optimization.
— Simon London, Ph.D., BAE Systems
        October 21, 2009


NL5's simple MATLAB/Python link has allowed us to create our own converter simulation environment for accurately characterizing our efficiencies using electromagnetic co-simulation. Amazing for such a simple tool. Whatever capability NL5 doesn't have by default, you can create on your own!
— Donny Zimmanck, Enphase Energy
        October 9, 2009


I am a rather new user of NL5. At first, I must confess, I was a bit skeptical about the potential of a simulator that can be zipped in roughly 1 MB. It was a matter of hours to discover the powerfulness behind the simplicity of NL5. Its versatility, easiness, speed and stability made NL5 my default simulator.
— Pablo Martín, National University of Mar del Plata, Argentina
        March 30, 2009


I'm using NL for more than 10 years. It developed into a very good tool: user-friendly interface, fast calculations, AC sweep option. It is definitely tool of choice for power supply engineer.
— Andrey Malinin, iWatt
        March 26, 2009


I am using NL since 1996. It was love at first glance. Just tried it and never wanted to return to SPICE again. All convergence problems were gone and speed increased dramatically! Well, to be precise, I still need to use SPICE once in a while, but I keep it to a minimum.
— Michael Kishinevsky, Ph.D., Draper Laboratory
        January 6, 2009


NL5 is my tool of choice for simulation of switching power supply circuits. It is faster and more stable than any SPICE implementation I have used, including several commercial packages.
— Rusty Jewett, Ph.D., CEO, Sencera
        January 5, 2009


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